Tattoo Sun Protection

The PhiAcademy has created a photo-stable, hypoallergenic protective cream in order to satisfy the needs of people who are frequently exposed to the sun. Anyone who works outdoors understands why easy application goes a long way towards improving your quality of life. This creamy tattoo sun protection makes it convenient for you to apply the product quickly and frequently and its unique photo-stable formula extends its durability throughout different light intensities without degrading. That means that you don’t need to worry about applying it more frequently if it’s sunny out! If you can’t seem to keep a schedule with regular sunscreen or find yourself forgetting to reapply, this is exactly what you need since its 50ml compactible packaging means it can fit directly into your pocket! Protecting your tattoo or permanent makeup from sunlight is crucial if you want to maintain its vibrant color throughout the years! The amount of protection it offers as a sunscreen is phenomenal when you think about it—an entire SPF50! It protects against both UVA and UVB, so you don’t have to worry about skin damage while you enjoy yourself outdoors.

The benefits of this product are many – among them, avoiding irritation and infection. More importantly this tattoo after care product helps with healing and preserves the design and color of the pigment. Specially designed formula that revives and protects the pigment from perspiration and will extend the duration of pigment for all clients who are exposed to strong sunlight and excess perspiration. Does not contain allergens and harmful or harsh ingredients. This product is waterproof and hypoallergenic. Provides extra high UVA + UVB PROTECTION. Cream leaves no white traces. Can be used 7 days after tattooing, permanent makeup or microblading treatment.

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Brown Brown
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Intensive Augnhára- og augnbrúnalitur, 20 ml. túpur. Brown – Dökk brúnn litur, hentar vel fyrir þá sem vilja dökkar brúnir. Innihaldsefni: Va...
Gel pads Gel pads
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Gel pads

10 pör í pakkanum. Augnpúðar til að hylja neðri augnhár fyrir augnháralengingar eða lash lift. Mjög mjúkir og meðfærilegir Sitja vel á húðinni.

Blue Black

Intensive Augnhára- og augnbrúnalitur, 20 ml. túpur. Blue Black – Blá svartur litur, fyrir augnhár. Innihaldsefni: Vatn, setearýlalkóhól, Glý...

Ellipse FLAT soft double tip lashes

Náttúruleg og mjög mjúk (soft) augnhár. Endinn á hárunum er klofinn sem gefur classic lengingum aðeins meira ”volume”.  C & D curl Þykkti...
Kremfestir 6% Kremfestir 6%
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Kremfestir 6%

Intensive KremFestir 6%, 80 ml.  Innihaldsefni: Vatn, setearýlalkóhól, ceteareth-25, vetnisperoxíð, etidrónsýra. Ath.Festirnir innihalda vetn...
Black Black
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Intensive Augnhára- og augnbrúnalitur, 20 ml. túpur. Black - Hentar vel fyrir þá sem eru með dökkt hár, fullkomið að blanda við aðra liti til...
Phi - nálar U blade 304 gull Phi - nálar U blade 304 gull
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Phi - nálar U blade 304 gull

Phi microblading nálar í manual handstykki 18 punkta U gullnál 50 stk.
Kremfestir 3% Kremfestir 3%
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Kremfestir 3%

KremFestir 3%, 80 ml.  Innihaldsefni: Vatn, vetnisperoxíð, setearýlalkóhól, paraffínu vökvi, PEG-40 hert bifurolía, etidrónsýra, glýserín, na...
Brow lamination 1-3 Brow lamination 1-3
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Brow lamination 1-3

LOTION 1 Þunnar & fíngerðar brúnir: 2 mín Normal brúnir: 3 mín Þykkar & stífar brúnir: 4mín   LOTION 2 Þunnar & fíngerðar brún...
Lash Lift - Fast set 1-3 Lash Lift - Fast set 1-3
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Lash Lift - Fast set 1-3

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Battle Glue

Lím sem virkar í hvaða raka- & hitastigi sem er. Hefur aðeins 0,2 sek drying time. Og er því aðeins fyrir mjög vana og þá sem vinna mjög ...
Graphite Graphite
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Intensive Augnhára- og augnbrúnalitur, 20 ml. túpur. Graphite- Ljósbrúnn litur með gráum tón. Innihaldsefni: Vatn, setearýlalkóhól, Glýserýls...