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Airbrush Spray Tan Airbrush Spray Tan
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Airbrush Spray Tan

Moroccan Tan Instant Airbrush Spray Fullkomin brúnka fyrir andlit og bringu. Veitir frísklegt útlit og fallgan ljóma ásamt náttúrulegri brúnk...
Blend & Buff Brúnkuhanski Blend & Buff Brúnkuhanski
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Blend & Buff Brúnkuhanski

2 in 1 Moroccan Tan Blend & Buff Mitt Brúnkuhanskinn er hannaður til þess að bera brúnku auðveldlega á sig og gefur einnig jafna áferð vi...
Relaxing Balm with plants - 50ml. Relaxing Balm with plants - 50ml.
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Relaxing Balm with plants - 50ml.

INDICATIONS Swollen and tired Feet ACTION Akileïne® Relaxing Balm with Plants decongests and soothes overheated, tired and swollen feet, thus...

Relaxing Bath Salts

Akileïne® Relaxing Bath Salts relax and decongest tired feet, quickly soothing that overheated sensation and giving a feeling of well-being. ...
Relaxing footbath tablets - 6stk. Relaxing footbath tablets - 6stk.
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Relaxing footbath tablets - 6stk.

Akileïne® Relaxing Effervescent Footbath Tablets refresh and instantly relax the feet. The formula and effervescence stimulate the plantar ar...
Cold feet cream - 75ml. Cold feet cream - 75ml.
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Cold feet cream - 75ml.

AKILEINE® Cold Feet Cream fights the unpleasant and painful sensation of cold feet. This cream contains VBE, a heating ingredient that makes ...

Moisturizing Milk for legs

Akileïne® Moisturizing Milk for Legs and Feet provides intense skin moisturization and nourishment as of the first application. Feelings of d...
Hydra Defence Bath oil - 150ml. Hydra Defence Bath oil - 150ml.
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Hydra Defence Bath oil - 150ml.

Akileïne® Hydra-Defense Bath Oil leaves feet healthy by combating microbial attack. Its relaxing and soothing power is perfectly suited to ti...
Deo Footbath Tablets Deo Footbath Tablets
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Deo Footbath Tablets

Feet with strong perspiration ACTION Akileïne® Effervescent Footbath Tablets quickly deodorize and disinfect the feet thanks to their efferve...
Rolling Cream AHA Rolling Cream AHA
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Rolling Cream AHA

Purifies the skin and eliminates dead cells.Gentle formula for all skin types 75ml. Virk innihaldsefni: White ClayCellulose by productShea Bu...

Wrinkle filler intensive care 30ml.

HELIABRINE Wrinkle Filler: This incredible formula associates a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid with Iparzine® -4A, an exclusive patent...
Tan Vörustandur Tan Vörustandur
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Tan Vörustandur

Vörustandur fyrir MoroccanTan vörur - Display stand
Tan Gjafapoki Tan Gjafapoki
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Tan Gjafapoki

Fjölnota Gjafapoki - Gull